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CD Cover Prayers from the Heart, is the newest release from World Ministry of Prayer. Ministers and Licensed Practitioners of Science of Mind, and Spirit recorded the prayers at the 2010 Asilomar Conference. In addition, you will find a companion disc entitled Spirit's Calling. This CD is the entire collection of the World Ministry of Prayer printed support pamphlets that cover a variety of topics.
Prayers From The Heart 2 CDs
Qty: Price: $20.95

World Ministry of Prayer CD
World Ministry of Prayer CD
Qty: Price: $14.95

Affirmations for Daily Living Volume 2

A small booklet with 31 inspirational World Ministry of Prayer affirmations found in the Science of Mind magazine .

They are great to include in gift bags or in visitor packets. $2.00



" Filled with healing, inspiring and soothing words these simple and informative trifold pamphlets remind us of our true relationship with our own Inner Divinity and lead us to the realization that "there is a Power for Good in the Universe, greater than we are, and we can use it." ($1.00 each)

Pamphlets Titles:
Forgiveness Habits Relationships
Oneness Peace Right Action
Grief Health  
Employment Prosperity  


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