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Book CoverJoyous Freedom Journal
For a Fuller Life
Christian Sorensen & Petra Weldes

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Seeing Good at Work
52 Weekly Steps to Transform Your Workplace Experience Dr.Joyce Duffala &
Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen

What Religious
Science Teaches
Ernest Holmes

Real Life Rituals
Karyl Huntley

The Kingdom of Heart,
A Pet Loss Journal
Patty Luckenbach, MA, DD

Creative Ideas
A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression
Ernest Holmes

The Voice Celestial
Ernest Holmes


Creative Mind
Ernest Holmes
Creative Mind is the first
book Ernest Holmes wrote.

Richer Living
365 Days of Richer Living
Ernest Holmes


How to Use The Science of Mind
Ernest Holmes


I Am Enough
Margaret Stortz
Stop giving your power away. How to be responsible and responsive to life.

The Art of Being Yourself
Discover Who You Are and Learn How to Live
Frank Richelieu

La Ciencia de la Mente
The Science of Mind Spanish Edition
Ernest Holmes


Understanding and Standing Under The Bhagavad Gita
Forward by Wayne Dyer Donald Curtis

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